Multi-dimensional review of the Dominican Republic: an OECD development pathway report

The recent OECD Multi-dimensional Review of the Dominican Republic calls for the “rationalisation of tax exemptions to raise revenue capacity and improve the overall impact of the tax system in terms of equity, efficiency and simplicity”¬†as one of the key policy recommendations for a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable financing for development.

The recently published report seeks to analyse the main constraints to inclusive and sustainable development in a country from a multi-dimensional perspective. It is structured in two main parts. Part I, the Initial Assessment, evaluates where the country stands in the various dimensions of Agenda 2030. Part II provides an In-Depth Evaluation of three critical areas for the development of the Dominican Republic:

i) creating better jobs,

ii) mobilising more financial resources to support development and rethinking the tax mix to strengthen the redistributive capacity of the tax system,

iii) embracing the digital transformation.

In each of these areas, the Review provides policy recommendations to move from analysis to action, as implementation is a fundamental part of policy making, and one where well-designed policies often fail.

Download the OECD’s Multi-dimensional review of the Dominican Republic.